SMS & E-Mail Marketing


SMS & E-Mail Marketing

When we speak about marketing, we must pay special attention to SMS and Email marketing, since SMS and Email have proved to be one of the most effective marketing and sales tools.

SMS has a phenomenal 98% open rate within 3 minutes! No other marketing tool can offer such an efficiency rate, making SMS marketing the most convenient way to deliver your business message to your customers and prospects.

Email marketing is one of the ways to boost your business. Social media has become a platform for promoting trade, and email marketing help in that. Email marketing can be used to improve your services and app. "Email marketing is using the specific tools to send your advertising emails to a group of people." the business can promote their services, offers, and what new they have to offer. Transactional email, Direct email, Mobile email are the ways by which email marketing is done.

Large base of users and clients that need to be reached at once with certain information. Whether it is a reminder, alert, or some news, all these businesses need an efficient way to deliver these messages to their audience. Although email marketing is considered one of the most efficient ways to reach people.

  • Mass advertising
  • Sending Alerts & notifications
  • Product information
  • Newsletters
  • Lead Generation
  • Drive traffic to your business website